Hi! My name is Larissa Pretorius and I am passionate about teaching Tribal Bellydance.  I live and teach on King Island, a small island in the Bass Strait between mainland Australia and Tasmania. King Island is an island in the Bass Strait, belonging to the Australian state of Tasmania.

I began teaching and started the King Island Gypsies troupe in July 2017.  Along the way I have deepened my commitment to Tribal Bellydance and have done intensive study with Paulette Rees-Denis to attain GCTB® Collective Soul and Teacher Training Certifications.

This style is based on group improvisation, connection, the sacred feminine and original steps which have all been inspired by ethnic, folkloric and contemporary dance. We celebrate our circles around the globe!

As a teacher and a dancer, I am inspired by this format. I love the improvisation that allows a dance to be both unique and dynamic, created spontaneously by the dancers in unity.

I have always loved to dance, the feeling of “twirling” and moving my body in time to music. I believe passionately in women supporting women. I love the idea of creating a tribe that crosses all ages – maiden, mother and crone; of women unified by dance. I love that this dance changes us, we become more graceful, our posture improves, we may begin wearing skirts where we never did before, jewellery, bling, learning to sew! I love that Tribal Dance is a team sport, we all support each other in creating the dance. I want share my joy with others, so they can learn to love their bodies and the way they move.

If this sounds like something you would like to try, check out my classes and workshops.

If this inspires your gypsy soul, pop over to the store to check out our range of dancewear, costuming and gypsy daywear. Or if you are visiting King Island, join us for a private session or one of our regular drum circles.

Contact me about:

  • dance tuition & dance fitness classes (adults and children)
  • community performances
  • small group workshops
  • ladies only hens and birthday parties and other women’s circles.

Email : bluemoongypsytribal@gmail.com